Functioning Doors, and Crate Room

Hey Folks! Some pieces coming together nicely since yesterday. We have a new crate room for testing locks, and locked doors are now working!

Today's screenshot shows Michael's CrateRoom ship, which we're using to test these latest salvage actions. It consists of a central room with a crowbar on the floor, and doors leading to other rooms for testing.

The left door is powered and unlocked, so can be opened by normal means. And Michael was able to hook-up the data such that we can use the crowbar to pry open the locked crate! No way to access its contents yet, which might be our next big hurdle: inventory management.

Also, Michael couldn't resist a little bit of environmental storytelling, and added a "carelessly tossed trenchers packet" in a back hallway :)

The other doors cover each of the other possible closed door states: unlocked and off, locked and off, and locked and on. We'll need to figure out how to enable players to bypass these doors with tools next.

For my part, I mainly added the logic to make the doors work like the rest of ship equipment. Now they require power to switch on, and will switch off if disconnected. Also, crew will not be able to open any locked or powered-down door.

And I also fixed a bunch of stuff I stumbled upon along the way. Optimized ship editing lag, fixed dropped items falling into locked containers or the person dropping them, and hiding the inventory list when nobody is selected.

From here, things might get a bit harder to build. We have to figure out unlocking UIs for the various situations (different objects and their different lock types), how to handle linking keys/codes to specific locks, how to represent abstract items like access codes and software, and more and more likely, how to manage inventory.

If only there were a game with a decent inventory management system we could emulate...

Tags: Ostranauts