Free Ostranauts Demo!

Hey Folks!

As many of you know, Ostranauts had to delay the June 11th Early Access launch. Testing still showed the game needed work, and both I and Modern Wolf discussed at length before deciding to delay it further. That's on me, and I apologize for getting your hopes up only to let them down.

I don't have a new date in mind yet. However, I do have some exciting news. Ostranauts is going to be in the Steam Summer Festival with a free demo!

The same demo we showcased at PAX East 2020 will be available for you to try, free, starting June 16th at 10am Pacific Time on Steam. You can get hands-on time with character creation, salvaging, the reactor controls, socializing, and some really early experiments with ship navigation.

Furthermore, I'll be live streaming the demo on the 16th and 17th, likely around 2pm Pacific Time, for anyone who needs help, or just wants to hear me blab as I play the demo :)

So come on over to Steam starting at 10am on June 16th, give the demo a shot, watch a few streamers (including yours truly), and share your feedback with me on the forums or discord. I'm keen to hear it!

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