Free Drone Attack on Anywhere You Want

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Free Drone Attack on Anywhere You Want

Here we go...

After leaving the Strange Florest with my lovely "Dog-Be-Gone" and some dogman fur coats I planned my way to that Melonhead amusement park and get my Elusive skill.

Half the way I saw some fresh tracks... But nothing?

Went to the most fresh one inside the
Big City hex and suddenly the combat begins.

First I saw a Drone trying to run from me.
Wtf was that? Bug? There was no DMC boi to call him.

As I had my trusty "Ass-Filler" revolver, why not kill the drone and sell his parts to the ATN people?

First burst and then the drone got a
"fake broken leg"

That was not luck as he filled my arms with some bleeding rounds.

After killing him and butchering his body for some fresh plastic shards I went toward the ATN Enclave way...

F*ck*n HALF THE WAY I found another drone and a DMC boi some hexes away from it.

Managed to fill the drone's ass with .38 tasty bullets but he just disappeared... Leaving me with some Sepsis and bleeding rounds.

So... After the Good Joe filled my bleeding rounds with drugs I planned my way to get the Blue Rot cure.

Killed Liza, got a new good
"Head-Hole-Maker" and her cellphone.
Hacked the cellphone and went toward the fake doctor's bunker.

Oh God... HALF THE f*kin WAY AGAIN I found a drone... But what? How the H*ll these flying sauces are spawning everywhere?

He wasn't alone... He was killing a dogman.
Sneaked toward the drone and, after killing the wolf boy, he found me. The first burst he exploded my head...

Just that... At least I gave him the
"Blue Rot Carrier" condition.

Idk where I am...
Well... At least I have cigarettes, yeah?