First Playtest Results: 1 Major, Several Minor Issues

Hey Folks! I finished my first playtest of the new desktop release build this morning. And for the most part, it went really well. I kept notes on some minor issues as they popped-up, and as I approached about 1.5 hours, I focused on getting into the DMC. And that's where I hit a snag.

It appears none of the DMC location buttons appear on the map for some reason. I've been digging into why, but haven't found it yet. Most recently, I setup some debug code to spawn sprites and buttons directly onto the map based on a key press, and I'm starting to find clues.

It seems if I spawn sprites and buttons this way, initially nothing appears. However, if I change inventory screens (say, to the conditions screen) and back, the DMC map buttons are still missing, but my spawned button and sprite are there. So I'll have to look into why that is tomorrow.

Some of the more minor issues I fixed include the run moves left counter remaining on-screen after the run button disappears. Code that generated a duplicate save file when the app exited, and missing paragraph breaks in encounter text.

And there are a few that remain, which I'll need to address after the DMC map.

The music volume button seems to do nothing unless 0%. There's a hitch/pause when changing/opening item screens. The sleep button ignores the first click after sleeping. And there are some wound sprite misalignments in Big UI mode. Plus some tutorial and help screen stuff that still shows mobile tips.

Not bad for an hour+ of testing! Apart from the DMC map, I probably could've continued without issue for a long time. So we might be pretty stable!


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Are you planning on posting a "beta" test release somewhere once the game is ready?

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Yeah, pretty much like all the old builds were done.

It appears I never promoted v1.15 to "public" status, so I'll probably move that from "test" to public and then upload this one as the new "test."

Unfortunately, that might be a bit confusing for anyone who doesn't read the announcement. But probably the least worst alternative.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games