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- I really like that the game can be played in a resizable window. It would be cool if the game could also automatically maximize the window at the start if the game was closed in the maximized state before.
- The female faces seem to use the same set of noses as the male ones. Thus way too many female faces end up with ugly potatoe noses.
- There should be a seperate paper doll for female characters in the inventory screen.
- When installing items from the inventory screen the inventory should close automatically.
- The popup windows with information about the items in the supply kiosk aren't fully visible near the bottom end of the list.
- The text messages on the right of the screen disappear too fast. Also, there should be a kind of log where these messages (that aren't goals) can be reread.
- It is way too difficult to properly repair a ship. I repaired or replaced all missing or damaged floor and wall tiles I could find, but the air pressure remains at 0 when I activate the air pumps (tanks do have pressure). The game needs an overlay that shows all tiles where air can leak out.
- I had to give up my current game because the "low power alert" window prevented operating the "core purge" switch. I can't produce power because of low power. You win the September 2020 irony award. ;-)
- The game requires way too many clicks. There should be an action mode, an unistall mode, a scrap mode and maybe more. In action mode a right click uses terminals, opens/closes doors, picks up items and so on. The other modes are self-explaining. When no mode is active a right click does what it does now.

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