EVA Suit Bugs

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EVA Suit Bugs

Bug #1

Game version -

May be intentional, but EVA Battery 'ticks' when the suit is not in use. Seems like the suit would have an on/off function tied to the EVA Helmet being on as well. As it stands now, EVA Suit that is not worn and stored in a Crate still drains and kills installed EVA Battery, but not the O2 Canister. As soon as you buy a 'fresh' EVA Suit from the store, it's pre-installed EVA Battery is draining.


  1. EVA Suit in inventory, Crate, or dropped - no EVA Battery or O2 Canister drain
  2. EVA Suit on but without EVA Helmet - no EVA Battery or O2 Canister drain
  3. EVA Suit on with EVA Helmet - EVA systems engage, normal EVA Battery and O2 Canister drain
  4. EVA Helmet removed - EVA Battery and O2 Canister drain stops

One possible fix would be EVA Suit menu options to turn systems On/Off. Burden then remains on the player to remember to shut the suit off to avoid unnecessary drain while stored or in safe environment.

Edit: The supply kiosk EVA Suit actually pre-drains the installed EVA Battery for you haha. The longer you take to complete your starter experience of editing appearance and career, the weaker the pre-installed battery will be when you get around to buying that first EVA suit. So add "should not drain while sitting in the shop" to the list =)


Bug #2

Game version -

Duplication Steps:

  1. Wear EVA Suit
  2. Wear EVA Helmet
  3. Confirm EVA Battery and O2 Canister are draining using EVA HUD
  4. Save Game
  5. Quit Game to main screen
  6. Continue and load saved game

Result is an installed EVA Battery and O2 Canister that stops 'ticking' entirely. Infinite EVA Suit usage.