EVA Batteries, station store restocking

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EVA Batteries, station store restocking

I bought Ostranauts and have been playing all week, on day 3 or so in game, I've been to the station a few times selling stuff and see that it isn't restocked and wondering if the items restock after a while.

I was trying to see if EVA batteries could be recharged in any way, I tried at the station refuel center, seeing if they would connect to ship batteries, seeing if more were available in the station store. I had found one on another derelict ship on the floor. If the EVA batteries could be recharged at the station or on your ship that would be nice.


They should restock every day, are you still having this issue with the latest patch? It may be a bug you're experiencing.

Right now EVA batteries cannot be recharged right now, but it's something we're looking at in the future as we've had a few folks suggest it!

EVA batteries can be slowly recharged at K-Leg just to the right of the license terminal and the Gig NeXus terminal. Looks like an odd white cooler. So far no one has taken my batteries, still on first day though.