Equipment Control Overrides

Hey Folks! Today was a bit of everything as I pulled Michael's pathfinding changes in, added some features to ship equipment, and gave some feedback to Sabina on the concept art.

Michael's pathfinding is now part of the main branch, and seems to do just about everything it should. And faster, to boot! Currently, there are only two bugs I've found. First, ranged interactions aren't working correctly, as the AI assumes a max range of 0 from the target point on any interaction. (Making beds impossible to use, for example.) The second issue might be related, but is manifesting as AI that waits for the first airlock to open when docked, but then walks through the closed second airlock.

Sabina sent me her final draft this morning, and I had a few requests before I signed off. Mainly minor stuff like color adjustment, contrast, and some reworked window lights.

On my own plate, I've been working through some onboard ship equipment features. I took a step back from the reactor UI, as it's a much more complex example of on/off overrides. And instead, I focused on air pumps.

As you can see in today's image, they now have not only a sensor input UI, but a knob for controlling what mode it's in.

OFF = The pump does not operate. Even if it has power.
ON = The pump always operates if powered, otherwise it is off.
AUTO = The pump will operate if it has power and the installed sensor is signalling to pump.

That last mode is the way it has worked up until now, and is meant to be the general use case. The other two settings are there for emergency use, broken sensors, or maintenance.

And fortunately, the heater and cooler use the same code, so minimal work was needed to give those similar UI! So far, there are just some visual bugs showing up when I test it. Font sizes wrong, and knob not disappearing when opening the panel up to wire it. Hopefully, not hard to fix!

Tags: Ostranauts