Entering ZomZom's while retreating v1.151/6/2017

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Entering ZomZom's while retreating v1.151/6/2017

Before entering ZomZom's for the for the first time i was scavenging the hexes adjacent to ZomZom's. As i was scavenging a Bad Mutha came up to me and i decided to retreat
Retreating threw me into ZomZom's first encounter.
I went in as stock, got my items confiscated an did the encounter.
When the encounter was over i was about to take back my confiscated items but they weren't there. My items were dropped on the tile adjacent to ZomZom's where i just had a fight and retreated from. The Bad Mutha there took my backpack and spear and went away.

So in summary if you retreat into ZomZom's your confiscated will be thrown where you were just fighting.

How to re-create?
Have a fight next to ZZ and retreat. If you get into ZZ, do the first encounter as Stock, accept the "About the trade" give your bracelet.

Player died of hypothermia.

Good catch! That is definitely one case I didn't think to test. I've added that to the bug list, thanks!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games