Enter the Crowbar

Hey Folks! Mostly a planning and talking day today. But we finally have our next tasks defined!

  • As a player, I want to salvage a drill, but it's inside a locked storage crate, I could use my cutting torch, or the pin number, or bash it with the fire extinguisher. It will unlock new areas.
  • As a player, I want to salvage a cutting tool. It's on the other side of a locked airlock. I could use my crowbar, go around with the RCS, hacking software, access codes, or uninstall the door. It will unlock new areas.

Basically, we spent a bit of time refining a list of core experiences (user stories) for the game. Then we narrowed down the list to two candidates that defined bread & butter activities players will experience.

The result is some fairly NEO-Scavenger-ish scavenging scenarios, except in the context of a derelict. And in this case, using some new tools, items, and techniques to access areas explicitly (rather than NS's abstract system).

Once these are done, we should have some new items and tools, new things we can do with them, new obstacles to overcome. But more importantly, there will be more of a complete game loop to play, and hopefully, a much clearer set of next steps to take.

Time to sign off for today, though. So have a good one, all. And see you Monday!

Tags: Ostranauts