Emotional Effects of Discomfort and, You Guessed It...Admin!

Hey Folks! Good news, today. A lot more gamedev progress made!

But the day didn't squeak by without a bunch more admin work. End of Q2 is here, which means time to do the books, pay state taxes, pay myself, pay federal taxes, then tell the fed that I paid them. Still don't understand that last bit, but whatever.

I did manage to plow through a bunch of content work today, though. Every discomfort threshold in the game now has both physical and emotional buffs/debuffs assigned to it. That means people with headaches are less altruistic, people in severe pain seek more meaning, and people who are vomiting feel less sexy. Oh, and "hanger." Which is sort of like anger from hunger. I know very few people who don't get really snippy when they're hungry :)

Also, I finally got around to suppressing the message logs on AI when they are being rolled-up or loaded from a save file. No more log spam telling us a person has skill points, their age, their gender, their language preferences, etc. Just a clean, empty log ready to start showing messages that are immediately relevant. (Today's screenshot.)

Next up is to finally attach penalties and bonuses to each of the starting conditions. Bravery should have a boost to security threshold. Agliophobes should have a penalty to pain thresholds. Let's make these perks and traits count!