Duties and Roster

Hey Folks! Made a bit more progress on the duties UI today, and now it is on par with the roster UI in terms of completeness. I.e. load and save data per crew, but no effects yet.

Getting the duties UI up and running didn't take too much more time. Like I mentioned earlier, I was able to copy a lot of the code from roster to do similar things here. There were some slight adjustments for duties vs. hours in a day. I also setup the duties list so that I could break it out into json files later, in case I want to expose that to modders.

So as of now, I can add crew to my ship, and set their priorities for each duty individually. Similarly, I can designate which hours of each day are for work, sleep, and idle.

Next steps will be to hook this up to AI. This will likely mean making some matrix the AI checks against when deciding what to do, and filling that matrix with duties in some prioritized way. Then, the AI can compare their current needs vs. their assigned duties and roster, and act accordingly.

Of course, this means we're going to need actual duties. As of now, there's little a crew can do for work. And it's possible some things the AI is better left avoiding until the player manually tells them to. But at least the basics can go in next, and I'll try it and see.

In teaser news, I received a new draft of the audio effects, this time with music as well. And yeah, I'm pretty pleased with it. There are a few more tweaks here and there, but it could almost be ready as-is. As a result, I started ramping-up the various storefront pieces I'll need when this thing goes out. There are a lot of things to coordinate with the teaser being published, and the more I can line them up, the more effective it will be in generating awareness and Steam wishlists.

But that's still at least a week off. For now, it's time to relax. Have a good weekend, all!

Tags: Ostranauts