Doors, Blood, and Encumbrance

Hey Folks! Decided to make today a dev day, after all the emailing yesterday. And I managed to get a few interesting bits done!

The first is something that's been long overdue since the control scheme changes: door controls. Used to be one could just click on a door to open or close it. No crew required. Then, when we changed the controls to always assume the captain is selected, one couldn't click on items like doors anymore. AI could still open them, though, so most of our testing was unhindered.

Though keen readers will notice an important omission: one couldn't close doors anymore. Like, ever. Not a great proposition for derelict divers.

So I quickly tacked-on the open and close interactions to doors, so AI could manually trigger them. And that's what you see in today's screenshot. We can no open and close doors arbitrarily, and exit our ship without evacuating the atmo!

It's not perfect. And I almost went crazy doing stuff like locking, hacking, auto-closing during pressure drops, etc. I think all of that is still worth doing, but for now, let's just get the basics done.

I also got back into the stats stuff I worked on before, to continue porting things over from NEO Scavenger. And fix data entry bugs I made, as it turns out. Threshold penalties for lost blood, rolling the hypotension condition into the blood stat, fixing the missing unconscious buffs/debuffs, and making poison actually hurt.

Finally, I updated the item code to account for mass changes when an item is slotted or added to a container. This way, we can track things like encumbrance, the rate of atrophy, and potentially the amount of danger if one of these containers flies around the ship during evasive maneuvers (way into the future when micro-g code is addressed).

Anyway, it was a good day! Felt good to get things moving again.

Tags: Ostranauts