Doors, and Audio Progress

Hey Folks! A bit more progress on the looting/salvage loop today, plus some movement on the audio front!

Michael was able to check-in a new layout for testing locked containers and doors. It vaguely resembles the opening sequence of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: behind a closed airlock, a locked crate sits bathed in light, beckoning :)

Today's screenshot shows another piece of this: variable door states. Since we're talking about using both physical and electrical means of bypassing the door, I figured it was time to have a powered door. And since it could also be open or closed, and locked or unlocked, that means we have 8 permutations.

Can you guess which of the above doors is which permutation?

So far, that's just the art. I'll need to hook-up a lot of logic to string all these states together meaningfully. But before I do that, I have to help Bjørn with an audio task.

Now that Bjørn is back from his teaching trip, he's getting back up to speed. We sorted out a git issue so he could check-in his work, which now includes both footstep tracking and a vacuum handler for toggling audio when the room is evacuated.

However, he also had some questions about the scope of the game's audio. Which items require audio? And what kinds?

So I've started compiling a master spreadsheet to hopefully make this clearer. 120 items so far! And I think we're also going to have lists for those items' GUIs, where applicable, plus a list of interactions that produce audio.

A lot of work to do this week! But that's good. I'd rather have a lot of well-defined work to do. It beats not knowing what to do next!

Tags: Ostranauts