Door Reskin, and More Installables

Hey Folks! Got a fair amount done today, in addition to a lot of emailing. So let's take a look!

The biggest visible difference has probably got to be doors. I finally did a reskin to make them a bit more interesting to look at. They still lack the green/red pressure light I'd like them to have, but adding logic for that is a lot more work. But for now, you can see the new closed door at the bottom, complete with red/white vacuum danger stripes.

I also created loose variants and installers for a bunch of new items. Namely, the door, air pump, the three alarm types, and two wall light types (not pictured here).

They're pretty much just like the other stuff I've been doing, from a player's perspective. But these were a bit trickier, due to a few peculiarities.

For the reactor, I was fine forcing the player to shut it down before uninstalling. And they can do that through the control panel. For the alarms, however, there was no control panel. And what's more, it seemed annoying that one would have to turn off the alarm before uninstalling it.

So I added some extra data to them that allowed the player to uninstall them regardless of whether they were in the red/green/blue/white/off state. They all just uninstall into a loose version of the "off" item, and reinstalling them installs the "off" version, which will switch on accordingly if powered.

The door, lights, and air pumps were a similar deal, except that I made the door install create the open door, in case it appears where the crew is standing when installed.

We're not quite there yet, but soon, you'll be able to rearrange everything on a typical ship without the ship editor. Provided you have the parts and tools handy!

Tags: Ostranauts