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Dogman Fur Cloak

I have a really simple request, and is it something that has piqued my interest since the early days, I want to make the Dogman Fur Coat into a Dogman Fur Cloak, wearable over coats/armor as it doesn't seem like a coat/armor to me, it seems like a single skin fur cloak, which would easily be able to be used as an outer layer over any other armor.

Actually, on that same note, I would be interested in creating a "Coat" layer that is NOT armor, because it again seems reasonable that I could wear a leather coat with body armor underneath, and a fur cloak over that, and I honestly want to be able to do that with my character.

Just need to know what fields I would need to alter. Though, if someone has the time and skill and is willing, I would really appreciate assistance to a higher degree on this request.

Or, perhaps, if it is easier, would it be possible to create more torso armor slots, so that more armors can be worn together?

That should be doable. Armor takes up the third layer, at slot depth 2. Shirts take up slot 0. So, if you want a dedicated cloak slot, you could change the slot depth on the dogman fur coat to 3.

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The dogman fur coat is set as ID 312 (find <column name="id">312</column>).
Change nSlotDepth">2 to nSlotDepth">3, and you should be set. I haven't tested this, but it should work in theory.
However, slot depth 3 is used by sashes, so you may want to consider using 4 in place of 3, or changing the slot used by the sashes.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)

Awesome, thank you for letting me know how this is done, I was looking into it, and I may need to post an expanded request in another Topic, as I have realized I want to do a MASSIVE equipment overhaul. Start with adding way more items with pockets, more pockets, not big pockets, but reasonably sized, based on my own experiences living in conditions where my entire sum of personal assets was what I could carry.
Further, maybe a skill that increased pocket size slightly, but at a cost of wearing out cloths/packs/pouches faster.
Addendum: Maybe somehow the skill could be toggled ingame based on needs moment to moment, or as a negative trait but permanently making your equipment wear out faster but slightly increasing capacity of all bags pouches and pockets. Based on the idea that you can overstuff the pockets, but they WILL wear out faster. As a negative trait it represents an inability to realize or care that you are making your gear wear out faster but putting extra strain on it.

Addendum 2: where do Hoodies fit in this mix? If I am going to add slots I need to know all the slots and what they do. Also, I want to see if it is possible to add extra slots to the coat slot layer.

Addendum 3: The method of moving the DMFC into the Sash slot works as suggested, which is a nice change, as previously there wasn't anything of use to wear in the sash slot.

Happy to help! The hoodie should be set to slot depth 1. 0 for shirts, 1 for hoodies, 2 for armor, 3 for sashes. Note that there is also slots for head, arms, and feet.
You can add slots to layers by adding to "bStackable">. For reference, this is called on by "aEquipConditions">11= in the itemtypes file, while "bStackable"> is in conditions. I think this only works for stacking in slots. If you want to stack in the regular inventory, use "nStackLimit">.
So, a regular brown shirt (item ID 7) says "aEquipConditions">11=19, so we move over to conditions to find condition ID 19. This condition is called "wearing light shirt", and the bStackable is set to 1. Now, this means you can have 2 in that slot (I think, it's the only logical step, since condition 38, "wearing a coat", has a bStackable of 0, but you can wear 1 coat. So if you just want more coats, change that.). This applies for a multitude of items. However, I could have misinterpreted the data at any time. I haven't tested aany of this, but this is really starting to interest me. Hope it helps!

"bStackable - controls whether effects increment when more than one copy applied. a condition's stack must reach 0 before disappearing from creature, unless timer or bRemoveAll say otherwise" -dcfedor.
So bStackable is for condition stacking. There are a handful of forum threads and discussions on this stuff, and a few are by dcfedor, who made the game. I suggest, modding documentation, and, item slot info.

Rar! Rar rar rar! Thanks for reading :)