Docking with moving objects

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Docking with moving objects

It's really difficult. Arguably it should be, but the lack of visual detail in the docking sequence unfortunately complicates things quite a lot, especially when you're trying to dock with K-Leg, as it's hard to know when you're about to collide with the planetoid while trying to correct your approach to keep up with the movement of the station's interlock. Could we possibly get a hotkey for switching back and forth between navigation and docking views so that we can quickly figure out whereabouts we are during the docking process?

This is true. I always pictured docking with mostly static things, and you'd line up in the nav mode before attempting to ring-it.

But there will likely be cases like the AI patrol ships where you're docking with an unwilling target, and that might be fun to embrace, rather than avoid!

In the meantime, the arrow keys should toggle control panels left and right. (I always pictured many, many panels you jumped around as flying. I just never got around to adding much more to any given station.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Oh, perfect! I didn't realise the actual arrow keys functioned to switch panels, thanks.