DND Cola


Do Not Drink Cola is an energy drink, the namesake brand of the DND Group. It is the most popular energy drink, and the second most popular carbonated beverage sold in the System. It is known for its innovative marketing strategy that leverages health risks instead of downplaying them. It is widely consumed by shift workers and long haulers.

  • Type: Energy drink
  • Manufacturer: DND Group
  • Country of origin: Sweden
  • Variants: DND-Toxic, DND-Lemon
  • Produced in: Suzhou Orbital; Daedalia Planum
  • Key people: Annika Engstrom (CEO)
  • Ticker symbol: DNDR


Product safety requirements were one of the slowest-traveling of Earth’s laws in the colony rush, and chemist Jens Nyburg capitalised on it. In a vat borrowed from his company, he brewed a cola derivative mixed with methylphenidate, and sold the drink to his working group. Its explosive popularity attracted the attention of distributors, and Nyburg sold his creation to Lagom Holdings.


The unconventional brand styling was designed by creative marketing agency Fast Times.

When regulatory agencies caught up with the colonisation effort, prohibition proved impossible due to the entrenched popularity of the beverage, then called MPD Cola. A compromise agreement led to prominent health warnings being displayed on the can. Fast Times’ marketing strategy turned the agreement on its head, making the health risks and warnings the product’s unique selling point. A combination of continually weakening regulatory bodies, corporate influence, and public fondness for the product, has postponed further regulation.


Do not drink this cola.
Unfit for human consumption.
Warning: Highly Dangerous.
Only Use In Case of Emergency