Dead NPC on OKLG

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Dead NPC on OKLG

On my third return to OKLG noticed O2 and N2 on the station started at 0 and increased to about 100 kPa each of O2 and N. I had waited to open my airlock while I watched this happen. (I wasn't entirely sure what it was supposed to be, so I started a new game and checked the starting pressure in the new game was at 20 O2 80 N in OKLG after using the cheat dock.)

Also there was a dead NPC in a locked room on this same trip. I uninstalled the locked door to investigate, noted the room was very hot. Then I decided to see if I could steal the cash register looking furniture, but accidentally scrapped the floor. Oops, now all the NPCs on OKLG are dead. :)

On a related note, especially for those new to the game, it would be great if several of the health related conditions were reversible; perhaps a med station?
Perhaps they are reversible and I just haven't figured out the correct method of fixing them? How long do you have to wait in good conditions to reverse hypoxia?

On a different run through the game this past weekend, the action to take off my pressure suit helmet glitched (the whole game froze for second) and I wasn't able to place it in my inventory. It visibly looked larger than 1 inventory square. I put it on the ground and wasn't able to pick it back up. On quitting the game and reloading the helmet was gone and had to buy another one.

I saw others mention it, but I have also seen the Label 99 error when starting a new game.

Thanks for the heads-up!

I've heard a couple of reports of missing atmo at OKLG, which may or may not have been addressed by some fixes in I'll keep my eye out for this, though.

Most current health effects should have a path to recovery, though more may be added over time. For hypoxia specifically, the cure is typically to wait a while in a room or suit with 20kPa or more O2 pressure. A few minutes should do it, and higher pressure O2 (e.g. 30-40kPa) may help a bit.

If that doesn't work, there could be a bug! Or something I'm not thinking of.

The helmet glitch you mention sounds a bit like the game crashed in the background, and stopped responding to input. Definitely a bug, though it doesn't happen when I remove the helmet. There is probably some combination of events that triggers this, and I'll have to find (and fix) it. If you notice any other clues, let me know!

Finally, for the Label 99 error, this is likely due to the game already being in a crashed state when you start a new game. It basically hasn't finished loading the UI and is stuck.

If you saw this after the helmet glitch, the helmet glitch is the actual bug, and the Label 99 is a side effect. If you saw Label 99 in another situation, the bug probably happened earlier.

In any case, we'll need to fix anything that eventually causes these symptoms! But in the meantime, when you see glitchy game behavior, the safest next step is to restart the app as soon as you can to reset it. (Saving, quitting the app, relaunching, and loading the save may work, in these cases.)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games