Data Cards, UI Clean-Up, and Celestial Precision

Hey Folks! Some more progress to show today on both locks and UI, plus a small fix to celestial mechanics involving precision.

The main thing on display today is data cards, which are sort of a stopgap I've added to cover our data/info item needs. Each PIN lock needs a unique code, so the first thing I did was to setup ship initialization to assign one to each lock when finished.

However, these PINs are unknown to the player, so I also wanted to add some clues around the ship that might help. So when each lock is assigned a PIN, it will also generate a corresponding data card somewhere on the ship, with the PIN in the item's name.

Realistically, not all locks will have clues like this in the future. This is just for early testing.

And also, ideally, data and electronics will be more sophisticated in the final game. This is just a quick and easy way to add the equivalent of paper scraps from NEO Scavenger. Except in this case, they are pocket-sized nano SD adapters so it can slot into the crew's ubiquitous PDA :)

In other news, I did a bunch of UI clean-up in the wake of Michael's recent CanvasScaler update. Previously, all UI was assuming 720p, and when the CanvasScaler was informed of the actual resolution on my machine (1080p), it got all wonky.

So I went around the UIs in the game to ensure the scaling params were setup for more graceful resolution scaling.

What's more, I finally moved the giant opaque tooltip into a transparent text block in the corner. Now you can see what you're doing when hovering over items!

Finally, I did a bit of mucking around with celestial object precision. After Chris updated the code to account for correct elliptical orbit sweeps, there were some stray single/double precision discrepancies. So I converted everything to double, and no more stuttering positions when zoomed-in. Yay!

Still seems to be a bug with calculating relative velocities, though. Hmm.

Anyway, not a bad amount of progress today. We're starting to reach the end of this block of work, so it may be time to reassess soon!

Tags: Ostranauts