Damask Rose


Damask Rose is a brand of sativa-strain marijuana manufactured and distributed by The Green Energy Company. It is the leading brand of marijuana off world due to its history, quality, and affordability.

  • Product: Marijuana
  • Manufacturer: The Green Energy Company
  • Country of origin: Old United States
  • Variants: Unicorn Dream (indica strain)
  • Produced in: Old United States, Tharsis Landing, Newcal
  • Sold in: Inner System, Old Earth
  • Ticker symbol: DAMA


After the gradual relaxation of marijuana prohibition by the United States in 2012, independent growers and small businesses flourished, especially on the West Coast. Large-scale investment caused a rift between traditional growers and well-funded startups. The Growers Alliance of California began as a co-operative to protect the interests of growers, but soon expanded into distribution, sales, and medical research. In 2034 The Growers Alliance of California became The Green Energy Company. At the same time the company launched its flagship brand, Damask Rose, a pure sativa strain bred for adverse growing conditions.

The Green Energy Company committed to the foundation of the Tharsis Landing colony on Mars, and again for the Newcal aerostat on Venus. The company’s off world headquarters were designed by architect Shubha Vaidyar. The distinctive building is shaped in five overlapping layers to resemble a rose, lit by eighty thousand red lights distributed across the exterior. It has been dubbed ‘The Rosebud’ by Tharsis residents.

Marketing controversy

In an expose first featured on OWNG’s Wilcox, the bulk of the money spent by The Green Energy Company on Damask Rose’s marketing was revealed to have been spent sponsoring celebrities, politicians, and even industry leaders to smoke or consume Damask Rose brand marijuana in public. Large media events were held or co-opted by the company to promote the drug. In particular, the Three Day Blowout was first conceived by TGEC marketing representatives, even though it is likely most of the attendees were unaware of the festival’s origins. Actress Valeria Valencia, who received five million kuai over three years without disclosing her relationship with TGEC, claimed not to have altered her behaviour in any way.


Smoke a rose
Drift away
The flower of the oasis