Cutting Crew

Hey Folks! Still hard at work on the teaser. Joshua sent me a preview today, and it's really rekindling my enthusiasm for the game. And the goal now is to keep the footage coming so he isn't waiting.

Today's work focused on crew shots. There's a scene where a crew member explores a dark derelict in their orange suit, headlamp cutting into the darkness. I also cobbled together a few situations where three crew members are each working on fixing things. You can see an example in today's screenshot.

I had to do a few bespoke bits of code to spawn and position them in the right places, and get them all animating simultaneously. Not to mention turning off their AI so they didn't get up and wander off before the shot was done. Otherwise, it'd be sort of like photographing toddlers or cats :)

Anyway, it's progressing nicely! Tomorrow will probably be more UI work for some related shots. Then, I might have to do some custom art/compositing for a special effects shot. Looking forward to it!

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Glad to hear it is going well. Do you plan on doing a Kickstarter or similar for the new game?

P.S. The "no power" icon really stands out against everything else. Could you make it translucent, or maybe fade in and out, so it isn't as imposing?

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Re: Kickstarter, no plans for one yet. It's something I might consider if funding becomes an issue, but I really don't like being in people's debt :) And there are some down sides to KS when it comes to discoverability on Steam. (Though, also upsides everywhere else.)

As for the power icon, that'll eventually need some work. The new rendering engine changed the way lighting works, so these non-lit sprites will need some rethinking. I won't have time to figure it out and change it before the teaser, unfortunately.

But on the plus side, it should be very clear that this is in-game footage, which is often a question for viewers when watching a teaser!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games