Crazy Complex Air Pump

Hey Folks! I managed to get the sensor-linked pump running. Well, mostly, anyway.

As of right now, the pump will start "off," and if enough power is supplied, it switches to "standby" mode (green light). It then starts sampling the atmo for N2 and O2 partial pressures, and if either are below safe levels, switches to "pump" mode and begins flooding the room with O2 and N2.

Unfortunately, that's the good news.

The bad news is that it pumps 50/50 O2/N2 instead of 20/80 as it should. I also never stops.

Getting those things solved seems doable, but that involves a third bit of bad news: this was really confusing to make. And I'm getting lost in the data. Adding the requisite new chunks to make it work is too much for my feeble mind at this stage of the day.

I'm also falling out of love a bit with the whole "swap entire item out and in to change modes" regime, which seems like it would add-up fast to performance issues, and general not-nice smoothness in the game.

Taking a step back, I have a feeling that writing the code to make something like this work would probably take...30-45 minutes? The trouble is, that wouldn't be customizable through data. I'd have to write code for every copy of every thing I wanted like this, and I want to avoid doing that, too.

I think I'm finding, however, that I'm too far on the data side of the sliding scale, and I want to be somewhere near the middle. Something where I can say "this is the behavior I want, and these are the parameters" without having to open every data file in the game and make multiple edits. But as it is now, that's what I have. Dozens of conditions, triggers, property blocks, items/modes, lighting, and decorations...all to make a single item.

I guess one other thing I could examine is whether I'm trying to make this thing do too much. Maybe it'd be better if it was broken into smaller pieces, that each did one thing? A detector for O2 pressure, another for N2 pressure, a pump for each, and somehow they are all connected in the ship layout such that it mimics the logic I want? (Like, the O2 detector supplies power to the O2 pump when needed, and stops transmitting power when not?)

Anyway, this is going to be an issue going forward, as I add more and more items and equipment. Going to warrant some thought.

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Hey! Sorry I didn't read all the posts, but was just wondering if you're going to make this game also in Flash?

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Hey Dan - been reading through recent news and am getting really interested in the new game. Any way we can contribute a few bucks towards development while it's still in prototype?

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@tuuksijii, probably not. This new game uses Unity as the backbone, which doesn't support a Flash target as far as I know. Current plans are Windows desktop, and maybe Mac/Linux if it's not too much of a pain.

@florinteal, thanks for the encouragement! I don't have anything setup yet, and probably won't until at least some portion of the prototype is fun to play. I don't want to start accepting money if there's a chance this won't make it to market.

Of course, if I'm still unreleased a year from now, I might change my tune and start begging :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

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@dcfedor I was actually looking around for a Patreon link or something. I'll bet I'm not the only person who was impressed by your passion and community outreach during NS's development/release and would be interested in helping fund your projects independent of any kind of purchase. But I'm somehow not too surprised that you're reluctant to accept money for nothing, either. :) I'll be following the development diary, regardless - looking forward to updates.