crash log - do you want it?

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crash log - do you want it?

I'm enjoying Ostranauts. I'm not a fan of being unable to sell every last thingy I haul in (like I could in NEO Scavenger), but at least I can bring in lots of thingies (unlike NEO Scavenger)!

The game (or my computer) was struggling to keep up with me working on my ship at 16x while docked at OKLG. Game crashed and said y'all'd like the log. Should I send it, and where?

Yes having crash logs would be useful! You could send us a google drive link, or post it on our discord. Thanks for letting us know~

I don't know where that log went, but I crashed on a save+exit, so here's that one:

Here's another! I was waiting for my fusion reactor to finish its lights test sequence.