[CRASH] Game crashes on startup

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[CRASH] Game crashes on startup

I have recently purchased your game on Steam and it just crashes on startup, generating some crash logs and asking to send it to the devs. So I'm sending it to you, hope it helps.

I believe the game version is or something like that, since I cannot find the exact version signature on steam client.

The log is on google drive here:

Hi! Thanks for letting us know!
Do you happen to have a program called Citrix?
I think it's often the cause of a lot of these crash on startup bugs we encounter~
If so there's a thread here with some possible actions to try:

Yes, I have a program called Citrix, but I usuallly switch it off when playing anything...

Ahh so you do! It seems Citrix can have effects even if people don't intend for it to be on.

Let us know if adding
to the launch options of the game has any beneficial effect!

Well, completely uninstalling Citrix did help, but I think I'll need to try this workaround you mentioned. Thanks for your support.