Condition Reveals, and Audio Progress

Hey Folks! My work doesn't have much to show today, so lucky you, you get a sneak peek into one of the latest concept art pieces! Can you guess what we're looking at?

Most of my morning was spent on admin stuff, unfortunately. But I did get a little more work done on social UI revealing hidden conditions.

My test case for this feature is a new interaction that asks a target about their skills, and it'll reveal all their skills in the social UI. Sort of like a job interview question. I think I can also do this for career history, legal status, and homeworld. Which is neat!

It did require, however, that I add some new data to many of these conditions. They are mostly what are called "simple conditions," in that they have no special logic or behavior. Just flags, basically. None of them had user-friendly names set yet, so I had to add that field to the data.

Still a bit buggy so far. The UI is disappearing too soon, or fading out when already faded out, etc. But I think we'll get there soon.

In other news, Bjørn is making progress on the audio. He's getting setup with the project repo, and says he's had a few things setup already with tweaking audio based on room pressure. Cool!

That's about all for this week. Time to go help the fam with dinner. See you all Monday!

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Do you think we'll have stuff like lying? You ask someone how they are and they lie, leaving you unable to address the issue, or someone leaves off some skill they have when you ask because its illegal on the station they're on? Might be too complex to be worth implementing, but I think it'd be pretty cool


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I think that'd be cool, too. And might even be possible, depending on how the interactions are authored.

E.g. if you ask how someone's doing, and they have a choice between answering truthfully that they're afraid, or deflecting with a "fine," it's totally possible to make an AI choose to lie with "fine" if that option grants them the right stat boost. Like, it avoids an esteem hit because you're hiding a weakness, but costs friendship because you're betraying a friend's trust.

Or something like that!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games