Concept Art Sneak Peek, and Procedural Drama

Hi Folks! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. More exhausting painting here on Saturday, but yesterday was gorgeous, and our yard has reached peak flowers. Oh, and we had a yummy pizza as a reward for the hard work!

Back at the office, it was more of an email and documentation day today. So that seems like a good time to pull out a little something I've been sitting on for a rainy day: concept art!

Ashley recently finished two pieces of concept art, and this is a snippet of one I plan to include in the upcoming newsletter/video. It's a pretty stark contrast to the K-Leg piece we saw before, both in terms of palette and subject. There are some places in the System that are pretty crowded. Almost reminiscent of the DMC! There are some very significant differences, however...

In other news, I spent a good chunk of the day documenting the stuff Michael and I have been discussing about procedural drama.

Currently, the game has a bare minimum of interactions for the AI to choose from, and a whole 2 plots to test the plot system. Basically, just enough to prove the systems work. But as Michael pointed out in our chat last week, it doesn't feel very satisfying or entertaining to constantly be telling AI to do push-ups when they're feeling down.

So we chatted a bit about ways to expand that, but within existing systems, and with new systems. And I tried to summarize the bulk of it in a document we can share. Currently, 3.5 pages of solid bullet points. And this is just where the discussion is beginning!

We'll be chatting more about that over the next while. It's one of the more important systems of the game, particularly if we're going to be going sublight from one end of the System to the other. Even with 10x fast forward, that could be hours (or days) of real-time travel. It'll have to be interesting if the player is going to enjoy it. Otherwise, I need to rethink the time scale!

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