Clingy cops / auto-closing licensed trade booth

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Clingy cops / auto-closing licensed trade booth

On patch, my captain came back to K-Leg for the second time. One or two LEOs continuously spawn onto her location as she walks around the station. The number of officers varies when I shuttle around the different locations; they do not follow her into her ship, but reappear once she leaves it. I think they're both cops who had boarded for shakedowns earlier in this save. The officers don't talk to her, though they do have some looping social interaction with nobody.

Typically I would find this sort of bug annoying but easy to ignore, but there's a second glitch that might be related. I purchased a license on my K-Leg visit, and managed to make one trade on this second visit. When I try trading there again, it opens the trade window and then closes the window after only a second or two.

Sorry for the overly attentive LEOs! And the UI closing on you!

They indeed could be related, but it's hard to tell without looking further. Do you happen to have a save you can upload and share? We could try loading it to see what causes both issues.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yes; I inadvertently reproduced the issue on a new save, so here are two for comparison:

Running into the issue a second time, I noticed a few details. 1) The LEO is indeed someone who boarded for a shakedown before I returned to K-Leg. 2) The UI closes for both trade windows, licensed and not. 3) The officer didn't appear immediately on entering K-Leg; I did a few trade trips back-and-forth before they appeared. I didn't see anything obvious that served to trigger them appearing.