(CLIMATE LIMITATIONS) About the wrath of the elements and surviving them

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(CLIMATE LIMITATIONS) About the wrath of the elements and surviving them

As a sidenote: I just finished the game a couple of weeks ago! Took me a couple hundreds of hours to get it done, now I feel like I can beat it just straight away without caring about the game mechanics so much, that's a huge problem! will post a suggestion about this later someday

Another suggestion!
Map is an integral part of the game, is what makes the game what it is. We struggle between the safety (that we need to survive the erosion of our travels) and our needs (that we need to get supplies and exploring for chances to get us to the goal) this paradox takes place on the map, who is the real antagonist. Fights and encounters seem to be complementary, not like others roguelikes. You should be able to survive them, but surviving the wrath of the map seems to be the main problem of the game. To make the game more hard to survive what we need isn't more punishing battles (that the game can use btw) but more punishing travels, so my suggestion is to refract a little the rules of the game during climate diversity to make our travels more hard and steeping the experience curve a little more on advanced players (because rains and snows shouldn't be frequent on the early game), I just can't think all of them but here are a couple of suggestions (feel free to post more of these, I know you can make a lot more of them):

  1. Zones : Rains, snow and other climate phenomena should be delimited to certain zones that we can monitor on our map if we have the knowledge. Looking at the sky or studying the sky with certain skill should give us a couple of hints of weather and where to be safe.
  2. Rain: Boy, oh boy. Rains. Don't know where to start. My mind struggles from water collectors to visibility. The possibilities are numerous. But now the rain isn't that gamebreaking or noticeable, once you have the correct gear it becomes just a different sprite on the map.
    - Slippery floor: On treacherous or uneven terrain, falling to the floor should be more frecuent.
    -Mud : On water sources or adjacent grass terrains, running should be more hard to do. Also, chance to lose your boots on the mud.
    -Drenched: Clothes weight more and water starts affecting your movement. Also temperature drops and you get a chance to get sick if you don't dry yourself near a heat source.
    -Wet wood: Making fire without a roof should be more hard to do.
    -Mudding the mixture: Chance to make sterile water lying around unidentified again.
    -Shared roof: More strict NPC behavior on running for cover from the rain, prioritizing cities and shacks.
    -Thaw: Rain should turn snow-tiles onto grass tiles again.
  3. Snow: This should be a long-term modifier.
    -Snowfall : During snow turns, some grass tiles should turn into snow tiles. Traversing these is EXTREMELY costly without the gear, wetting our clothes and ruining our shoes. High chance of getting sick.
    -Winter days: If the snow drags on for a couple of days, ALL the snowing zone should be covered by snow tiles.
    -Frozen: Lakes and marshes don't provide infinite water anymore (they need to be scavenged). But cost less to traverse. (Chance to fall on water while scavenging with disastrous outcome)
    -Cold feet: Falling asleep on a snow tile without a shelter results in death.
    -Drenched: same as rain, but more punishing while you walk.
    -Slow march: Running in battle mostly ends on falling to the ground. Running through snow tiles while exploring isn't possible.

  4. Wind: This climate should have a vector to know the direction of the wind.
    -Against the wind: Traveling in the opposite direction of the vector (and diagonal adyacent directions with less effect) should cost more action points.
    -Tricky shot: Accuracy with light projectiles like javelins, arrows, pebbles and stones should be punished on longer distances.

I know this list isn't that long and precise but is a start!