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Chinese Text Suggestion

Hi, I am a Chinese player of NEO Scavengers for a long time and I love and get immersed in this NEO world so much. So when I first visited this official website just a few days ago, and WOW!!!! I found it will be a new game called Ostranuts within the same NEO universe this summer (or sooner? or later?). I'm so happy and excited!
I rush to see some screenshots and click the "Setting" page to learn what's the world like in Ostranuts... Cool! Imaginative! Impressive! It's definitely the game I want to play, the world I want to explore. NEO Scavengers had given me a great experience, but Ostranuts can do better than that!

However I find that there are few small mistakes (or a word can be replaced by a better/native saying) of Chinese texts in the screenshot of the spaceship control panel. So I write a list of my suggestion below.

Suggestion: "Ship Control Panel" (onScreen11.png, the fourth picture in "Game Media")
汽油/FUEL -> 燃料/FUEL
汽油 specifically means gasoline in Chinese (汽 = gas, 油 = oil).
燃料 means material(s) that burns into energy (燃 = burn, 料 = material).
So I think 燃料 is better than 汽油 when describing fusion fuels like He3 and D.
燃油管制/FUEL REG -> 燃料管制/FUEL REG
燃油 means oil that burns into energy (燃 = burn, 油 = oil).
燃料 means material(s) that burns into energy (燃 = burn, 料 = material).
So again I suggest using 燃料 to describe fusion fuels here.
管制 means regulation.
将 usually uses as 将要 which means will (like: I 将 do sth = I 将要 do sth = I will do sth).
就绪 means preparation is finished and the system can be used at any time (like: Laser is 就绪 = Laser is ready and can be activated/fired at any time), which exactly READY means.
So I think crew members who are Mandarin-users will be make clear about what's the meaning of this green indicator if the manufacturer replace 将 by 就绪. :)
充值/CHRG -> 充电/CHRG
充值 usually used as depositing money in a phone card, etc (充 = charge something, 值 = money).
充电 usually used as charging a capacitor or a battery (充 = charge something, 电 = electricity).
So I recommend to use 充电 since we are talking about power and electricity here.
面前/FWD&后/REAR -> 前/FWD&后/REAR
面前 and 前 have the same meaning and can be both used as a translation of forward/front.
So it's more concise if we use only one character here.
爱克斯光/X-RAY -> X射线/X-RAY
爱克斯光 or X光 means X-light (爱克斯 is the transliteration of X, 光 = light, so 爱克斯光 = X光 = X-light), it can be used as X-RAY since light, X-RAY, EM wave and EM radiation are essentially the same thing in Physics. But here we have a better option.
X射线 is the Chinese word we describing X-RAY especially when the radiation is harmful or deadly. See below:

射 = shoot, puncture, pass through, 线 = line, 射线 = penetrating line across human body or sth = high intensity radiation possibly hurting human body, X射线 = high energy/frequency EM wave/radiation with HIGH intensity and LONG exposure time possibly hurting human body.
光 = light = low energy/frequency EM wave/radiation radiate by the sun, which can be stopped by human body skin and do no harm to human inner body, X光 = high energy/frequency EM wave/radiation with LOW intensity and SHORT exposure time and doing no (or negligible) harm to human body.

I would be dead within a minute if going outside without my suit and exposed to the X射线 = I would be dead within a minute if going outside without my suit and exposed to the X-RAY.
I go to the hospital and take an X光 examination = I go to the hospital and take an (no harmful) X-RAY examination.

Since a red WARN indicator is just below the X-RAY indicator, I guess X射线 is better to warn the crew members to wear protective space suit if there is a X-RAY exposure problem.

Hope you find it useful. ;)

I find that in the game's setting ( there are few Chinese names of location/company, like 杭州宫 (Hangzhou Orbital), 洋山港 (Port Yangshan), 刚劲新世界 (Brave New World), 孔雀影业有限公司 (Peacock Pictures Incorporated). So I try to make up some other location/company/character's Chinese name based on its English name.

I use "+" marks English translation of a Chinese word or its "meaning", "*" marks its phonetic transcription. Take Jade Rabbit as an example:
玉兔 = +Jade Rabbit = *Yutu (玉 = +Jade = *Yu, 兔 = +Rabbit = *Tu)
1."Xinhua" (Faction)
新华 = +New China = *Xinhua (新 = +New = *Xin, 华 = 中华 = +China = *Hua)
2."CNY" & "XNY" (Currency)
人民币 = CNY = Chinese Yuan (= Chinese "Dollar") = *Renminbi (人民 = people, 币 = currency, 人民币 = currency used by Chinese people)
新华元 = XNY = Xinhua Yuan (= Xinhua "Dollar") = *Xinhua Yuan (新华 = Xinhua, 元 = currency unit, 新华元 = currency used by Xinhua people)
3.West Lake (Location in Hangzhou Orbital)
西湖 = +West Lake = *Xihu (西 = +west = *Xi, 湖 = +lake = *Hu)
4.Key Character's Full Name:
President Bai Zhihao (Leader of Hangzhou Orbital)
白至豪 = 白 至豪 = +Bai "A richest with outstanding talent" = *Bai Zhihao
白志豪 总统 = President Bai Zhihao (总统 = +President = *Zongtong)
Chairman Li (Leader of Jade Rabbit, I make up his first name)
李克难 = 李 克难 = +Li "Overcoming difficulties" = *Li Kenan
李克难 主席 = Chairman Li Kenan = Chairman Li (主席 = +Chairman = *Zhuxi)
Speaker Qiangguo Wei (Leader of Ring Station. I recommend to write his name as Wei Qiangguo)
魏强国 = 魏 强国 = +Wei "Strengthening our country" = *Wei Qiangguo
魏强国 议长 = Speaker Wei Qiangguo (议长 = +Speaker = *Yizhang)
Administrator Lao Deng (Leader of Tharsis Landing)
劳嶝 = 劳 嶝 = +Lao "A pathway on the mountain" = *Lao Deng
劳嶝 行政长官 = Administrator Lao Deng (行政长官 = +Administrator = *Xingzhengzhangguan)
5.Location: Voltaire & Voltaire University & He Xue Wei Memorial Scholarship
伏尔泰 = Voltaire (transliteration)
伏尔泰 大学 = Voltaire University
何学伟 纪念 奖学金 = He Xue Wei 纪念 奖学金 = He Xue Wei Memorial Scholarship (学 = +study = *Xue, 伟 = +great = *Wei)
6.Corporation: Peacock Pictures or 孔雀影业(Kongque Yingye)
Key people: Wei Cheng (president), Di Yaote (chief creative officer)
卫晟 = 卫 晟 = +Wei "Midday sunshine" = *Wei Cheng
狄遥忑 = 狄 遥忑 = +Di "Staying away from uneasiness" = *Di Yaote (遥 = +far away = *Yao, 忑 = +uneasy = *Te)
Films & Taglines:
Those With Loaded Guns ‘Take the secret to the grave.’
The Disconnect ‘Those who know don’t talk. And those that talk don’t know.’
Timelock ‘It was just a simple heist. Now it’s anything but.’
Diamonds in the Rough ‘He loved she who loved only money.’
Southern Highland ‘There’s a long long way to fall.’
7.Corporation: Renbao Smart Technologies
任宝 = +"Reliable Rarity" = *Ren Bao (任 = +trust = *Ren, 宝 = +precious or treasure = *Bao)
任宝智能科技 = 任宝 智能 科技 = +"Reliable Rarity" Smart Technologies = *Renbao Zhineng Keji
Key people: Xu Xiang (CEO), Cheng Xiaoli (CFO), Lai Ying Ho (CDO)
徐翔 = 徐 翔 = +Xu "Flying" = *Xu Xiang
程晓丽 = 程 晓丽 = +Cheng "Beautiful Morning" = *Cheng Xiaoli (晓 = +morning = *Xiao, 丽 = +beauty = *Li)
赖莹何 = 赖 莹何 = +Lai "Seeking glimmer in darkness" = *Lai Ying Ho (莹 = +lustrous = *Ying, 何 = +asking, seeking, questioning = *Ho)
RST. The future’s key.
8.Food: Trenchers's "Kung Pao Chicken and Sticky Rice"
宫保鸡糯米饭 = +Kung Pao Chicken and Sticky Rice = *Gongbaojinuomifan
9.Corporation: Zhuangzi Phenomenology
庄子现象学 = +Zhuangzi Phenomenology = *Zhuangzi Xianxiangxue
Limitless communication
We did the impossible. We’re dreaming the inconceivable.
“The wise man looks into space and does not regard the small as too little, nor the great as too big, for he knows that there is no limit to dimensions.” Master Zhuang

Hope you find it useful. ;)