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Chinese Text Suggestion

Hi, I am a Chinese player of NEO Scavengers for a long time and I love and get immersed in this NEO world so much. So when I first visited this official website just a few days ago, and WOW!!!! I found it will be a new game called Ostranuts within the same NEO universe this summer (or sooner? or later?). I'm so happy and excited!
I rush to see some screenshots and click the "Setting" page to learn what's the world like in Ostranuts... Cool! Imaginative! Impressive! It's definitely the game I want to play, the world I want to explore. NEO Scavengers had given me a great experience, but Ostranuts can do better than that!

However I find that there are few small mistakes (or a word can be replaced by a better/native saying) of Chinese texts in the screenshot of the spaceship control panel. So I write a list of my suggestion below.

Suggestion: "Ship Control Panel" (onScreen11.png, the fourth picture in "Game Media")
汽油/FUEL -> 燃料/FUEL
汽油 specifically means gasoline in Chinese (汽 = gas, 油 = oil).
燃料 means material(s) that burns into energy (燃 = burn, 料 = material).
So I think 燃料 is better than 汽油 when describing fusion fuels like He3 and D.
燃油管制/FUEL REG -> 燃料管制/FUEL REG
燃油 means oil that burns into energy (燃 = burn, 油 = oil).
燃料 means material(s) that burns into energy (燃 = burn, 料 = material).
So again I suggest using 燃料 to describe fusion fuels here.
管制 means regulation.
将 usually uses as 将要 which means will (like: I 将 do sth = I 将要 do sth = I will do sth).
就绪 means preparation is finished and the system can be used at any time (like: Laser is 就绪 = Laser is ready and can be activated/fired at any time), which exactly READY means.
So I think crew members who are Mandarin-users will be make clear about what's the meaning of this green indicator if the manufacturer replace 将 by 就绪. :)
充值/CHRG -> 充电/CHRG
充值 usually used as depositing money in a phone card, etc (充 = charge something, 值 = money).
充电 usually used as charging a capacitor or a battery (充 = charge something, 电 = electricity).
So I recommend to use 充电 since we are talking about power and electricity here.
面前/FWD&后/REAR -> 前/FWD&后/REAR
面前 and 前 have the same meaning and can be both used as a translation of forward/front.
So it's more concise if we use only one character here.
爱克斯光/X-RAY -> X射线/X-RAY
爱克斯光 or X光 means X-light (爱克斯 is the transliteration of X, 光 = light, so 爱克斯光 = X光 = X-light), it can be used as X-RAY since light, X-RAY, EM wave and EM radiation are essentially the same thing in Physics. But here we have a better option.
X射线 is the Chinese word we describing X-RAY especially when the radiation is harmful or deadly. See below:

射 = shoot, puncture, pass through, 线 = line, 射线 = penetrating line across human body or sth = high intensity radiation possibly hurting human body, X射线 = high energy/frequency EM wave/radiation with HIGH intensity and LONG exposure time possibly hurting human body.
光 = light = low energy/frequency EM wave/radiation radiate by the sun, which can be stopped by human body skin and do no harm to human inner body, X光 = high energy/frequency EM wave/radiation with LOW intensity and SHORT exposure time and doing no (or negligible) harm to human body.

I would be dead within a minute if going outside without my suit and exposed to the X射线 = I would be dead within a minute if going outside without my suit and exposed to the X-RAY.
I go to the hospital and take an X光 examination = I go to the hospital and take an (no harmful) X-RAY examination.

Since a red WARN indicator is just below the X-RAY indicator, I guess X射线 is better to warn the crew members to wear protective space suit if there is a X-RAY exposure problem.

Hope you find it useful. ;)