Chinese Text?

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Chinese Text?

Just curious as a person coming from China, what motivated you to put Chinese text into the game? I do not think a single Western-made game before you has done that, as most just want to appeal to the North America / Europe demographic. Is there a lore reason for it, like I know in NEO-Scav Xinhua was a faction. Do they make a comeback in space and is that why all the equipment has Chinese?

You guessed it! Xinhua is one of the big players in the System.

Xinhua made a major, and early, push to colonize space. And many other nations were pressed into playing catch-up. As such, a large part of System culture is a hybrid of English and Chinese. And that's reflected in the details of the game. Everything from control panels to food has multicultural influence.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Well, I feel honored to have my culture represented in your game. Can't wait to play!