Character Creation: Launch

Hey Folks! Sorry for the short news today. Running a bit late. The main thing to report today is that players can now proceed from character creation into the game!

Today's image includes a new "Launch" area in the chargen station, where the player can choose to confirm their background choices and start the game in the selected ship. I ended up having to add a few more bits of data, such as where in the System the ship will begin, as well as several bits of plumbing to make sure the transition goes smoothly. Teleporting the player, deleting the old station, adding the new ship, and positioning everything has more than a few gotchas. (Especially in UI items getting left behind.)

However, that all seems to be working now! I was actually planning on posting a YouTube video of the process, but I think I want to do another take, as the volume levels were a bit wrong. That, and it'll give me a chance to refine the script.

Looking forward to showing you more tomorrow!

Tags: Ostranauts