A Certain Space Ghost !!!Spoilers!!!

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A Certain Space Ghost !!!Spoilers!!!

So a long while ago I posted about how I accidentally depressuried K-Leg without realizing and how freaky it was when I came back to a seemingly fine station filled with corpses and freaky sound effects. This post is discussing something else that I found.

If you have no inkling what I am talking about, then please don't read the following, as finding it in-game was an awesome experience.

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So I was salvaging another wreck on the outer reaches of K-Leg. While returning to my salvage pod to refresh the air in my pressure suit, I noticed something moving just outside the pod. I figured it might be a fast-rotating bit of wreckage, and took a closer look. I then realized that it was in fact a person in a purple pressure suit flailing their arms and legs with a detached air hose hanging from them. I was in disbelief that someone just happened to be still alive floating out here in the junkyard, and started to try to think of ways to rescue this person. Then a piece of conduit in poor condition sparked, and the purple drifter disappeared.

After that, I decided it would be best to detach from that particular wreck and leave the area. I will be listening for any mention of junkyard ghosts or purple people from now on.

Has anyone run into this as well?

Don't forget to use the spoiler tag on any potentially revealing responses!

so, you've seen

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too huh? :o