Catching-Up, and Some Wall Experiments

Hi Folks! Hope everyone had a good week. I'm in the process of catching-up on the backlog of emails and office-related stuff that piled-up. And I'm nearing the top! (I think.)

What little dev work I did today centered on the auto-tiling feature. Namely, walls and floors.

Last week, I got the conduits mostly behaving as I wanted, and I'm pretty happy with how those turned out. I'd like for walls to do the same, and one possibility involved making the walls thinner than a full tile, to make them more directional.

Having a thin wall opens up a range of issues, however. For one thing, we need to decide how the floor will look when it is under a wall. Does it bleed into the next room over? Or into space if an exterior wall? Or do we make the floor also auto-tile?

And if the floor auto-tiles, are we going to need more tile types to handle inside and outside corners?

The more I thought about this, the more problems that came up. Suppose we wanted one floor tile in one room, but a different one next door? Since the wall divides a tile in half, that would mean we have two different floor tiles occupying the same space. And we'd need either one tile per combo, per intersection type (a number that grows exponentially the more options we have), or else some fancy rendering tech and special handling code for such intersections.

Oooor we just make walls cover a whole tile :)

So I started working on a new auto-tiled wall to see how this would look. I think I can still get some directionality to each tile while still covering the whole tile space. And I'm using Emily's mockup as a template. Still a few issues with normal maps yet, but it might have potential. More on this soon!