Career Events, Skill-Gated Actions, and Misbehaviors Continue

Hey Folks! Just wanted to check-in today to keep you updated, even though there isn't a lot to see yet. I did my best to take the least confusing screenshot of my current work, and I don't know if I succeeded :)

Anyway, Michael is off and running on more career life events and choices. So far, these are sounding like a lot of fun, with some really cool outcomes to apply to our captain. He's splitting time between writing and implementing them, which is a huge help because...

...I'm being pretty useless in that department right now. I'm helping Modern Wolf with some marketing materials to be used soon, so my code progress is pretty slow. I did, however, manage to get a step closer to skill-gated install actions that can be paused and resumed.

Last week, I mostly got the skill-gating to work, with two examples in place. But before I continued, I wanted to get the pause and resume part in there, which is mostly working today. The one error I see so far is that Jian Edgar Gardner left a copy of the loose air pump on the floor after installing it, so we have an item dupe bug yet to fix.

That, and I still need to test the reverse process. Installing uses placeholder items, but uninstalling does not. So each requires some special handling. (Though fortunately, I think those two example cover all current cases.)

Oh, and then I need to finish propagating these changes to the rest of the installer content. So a bit more to do.

Chris has brainstormed some really good crew misbehaviors. Everything from silent treatment, to fist fights, to rick rolling other crew. There's a bunch in there I think we can support out of the box, and some others that might be worth building more box to support.

He's splitting his time between that and some bug fixes/improvements. And even a successful test of the game in Unity 2018! (As opposed to 5.6.3, which I'm currently using.) I'm not sure yet if that means it's worth the jump, but could mean improvements to performance, tools, and workflow. So we shall see.

Still making progress, which is good. Just taking a bit longer than expected.