Can't Build close to airlock

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Can't Build close to airlock

Hello firstly thank you for a really awesome game I have been looking for something like this for quite some time and am really enjoying it.
2nd Sorry if this has already been reported I did a search to see if someone posted anything like this

So I came across a derelict where 2 tiles above the airlock are broken and I cant build on them and on the right-hand side one I can't walk on.

This is what it looks like
and as you can see in the text below tells me I can't reach that location this is if I click to walk to the right-hand side tile

The below image shows I cant build


I did, however, discover if I have a floor selected to build and have the mouse lower than the airlock that I own the tooltip turns blue almost as if to indicate I can only build on the ship that I own.


I know this is a strange ask, but can you try taking one step forwards so you're on the other derelict's airlock and then try building the floor?
I think it may be related to only being able to build on the ship you're currently on, crossing the threshold between the 2 airlocks might fix it and let you build! So you might not be totally blocked, just an extra inconvenience

I'll add this to our list of things to fix eventually though, so thanks for reporting~

Thanks for the reply.
I thought it might be something like I can build only on the ship that I am on that's why I included the first image where I state that I can't get onto the other ship even though there is a tile for me to walk on.
I think you missed that bit :P
I kept a copy of that save game where i am docked to the derelict if you would like to investigate for yourself.!Amys6vx9dNs-iFXIzkSyY5tAJ0eD?e=xTQljm

Thanks for the save file!

I remember running into this once before, and I think there's a bug that doesn't notice the player stepped onto a ship unless they move more than one tile into the ship. Which is impossible here due to airlocks only having walkable tiles in the center.

I've added a fix that should let you build again near airlocks in the next patch.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games