Can't access an encounter, need diagnosis help

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Can't access an encounter, need diagnosis help

Hello. I am new to modding Neo Scavenger, but curious. I am currently trying to debug why my small combination of merged mods is causing a particular, peculiar effect. I don't know enough about what's going on to determine it.

When I click on the "Start shopping" thing (I don't know what to call it, that icon) it sticks to the mouse regardless, and turns blue. If I try and place it in the "chosen option" section, it stays there but "Confirm" does nothing. If I click it a couple more times, it disappears and causes the escape icon to eventually go with it if I don't use it first, trapping me in the encounter.


I've put together Training Skill Extended, Overhaul, Shouldered, Bottle Labels, with Devkit to help me figure things out easier.

If anyone would like to comment and let me know what they think might cause such a thing, I would greatly appreciate it!