Can i murder my crew members?

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Can i murder my crew members?

I just want to do the same thing as in neo scavenger be a "bad Murtha" or as normal people say it "murderer" will i be able to murder/throw them out to space... If they do anything wrong or incorrectly

I think this will be possible. I also think there might be some consequences of having a reputation for crew constantly dying on your ship :)

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Then this game is amazing minus the reputation thing but ehh ill deal with it

P.S. Im not mad but i hate mistakes

By the way, do you plan on adding inside ship combat? In the trailer you see your crew boarding a ship. Do you plan on adding guns or some non-fistfight encounters with aliens or other stuff? I feel it would add some excitement to salvaging if you always have to stay on your toes for potential "visitors".

@igns, but mistakes are part of the fun! Seriously, though, I'll try to at least make the mistakes entertaining :)

@Comrade, I think so. NEO Scavenger's combat would basically work whole-cloth inside Ostranauts's UI and game system (it borrows a lot of the same stuff underneath). So it's something I'll toy with eventually!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games