Build Jobs, RCS Thrusters

Hey Folks! Early devlog today, as the family's a bit under the weather, and needs some TLC.

I was able to grab a copy of Michael's latest work, which you can see in today's screenshot: the build queue. He's been working on a way to assign jobs anonymously on a ship, and the AI would pull jobs from that list when able.

For now, he has a hammer icon in the corner of the screen, which can be clicked to open a list of possible jobs, plus cancel. Once the user chooses a job, they can then "paint" that job around the ship, and it'll leave yellow "!" markers on valid targets touched by the painting operation. In this case, we painted four conduits for uninstallation on the right side of the screen.

It's working pretty well so far! And this is a big step towards having a crew work on salvage or retrofitting more broadly than assigning discrete tasks manually, one after the other.

In other news, I have my orbital plotter to a point where it renders about 50fps (up from ~25-30), so I've moved on from that to hack together an early prototype of RCS/monopropellant thrusters. Now that we can zoom in on the plotter, close enough to see what we're doing, and things aren't jumping around randomly, we can finally do close/delicate docking approaches under RCS control.

I haven't quite got it running yet, but all the groundwork is in place. I just need to setup a button to toggle RCS control on/off, and I'll wire it up to WASD for now. That's for tomorrow!

Tags: Ostranauts