Bugs and other things 2.6.5 - 2.6.8

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Bugs and other things 2.6.5 - 2.6.8

Exiting the console while the screen is zooming causes the audio to loop indefinitely until re-entering the console.
All gasses are displayed as empty when the fusion reactor is powered on after docking.
Trying to do a task that is wedge in the northeast, southeast, northwest, southwest corners will prevent a player from walking properly and moving on to another task.
Tossing objects out by dragging them offscreen rather than a specific item slot will sometimes cause it to reappear the next time you open your inventory.
Turning ships with Q or E sometimes will cause it to never stop spinning.
Reloading the game will display repair icons on task that have already been repaired. Items that get picked up will cause the icon to follow the character.

Softlocks that require forced exiting
Interactions with NPCs can causes blank dialogue.
Linking a new ship with a PDA and closing using the button causes the PDA screen to become blank.
Exiting to the left of the first ship will trap the player. Unable to reach anything to uninstall and unable to sit back on the console. (Have not had this occur in 2.6.8)

QOL needed changes
Faster looting options like transfer all or shift clicking to whatever container was last opened.
Needs a clear way to see what's broken or missing on a ship. Displaying exterior isn't really enough when you have to play guess and check with installing floor tiles.
Display what can't be reached with a red exclamation mark instead of a yellow so we know it's a task that can't be reached.

Thank you for all this feedback, this is very helpful to us.

We're currently trialling community bug tracking using Trello. I've reported a few of the bugs you have mentioned there. If you've like to see updates and track when these bugs may be fixed, I'd recommend taking a look here: https://trello.com/b/YxqLpLQL/community-bug-tracking

I'll note your suggestions too. Thanks again for the help!