Bugged interface with itens scattered

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Bugged interface with itens scattered

- Steam build 1555756 (always up to date)
- Play the game on steam, Windows 10. Flash updated.
- I do not know exactly how to reproduce the problem. It happened while i travelled from ZomZom to DMC.


Now i can't interact with most itens. Right now I'm at DMC and did not find the canteen outside the city.
This scattering is also seen in the skills menu.
Starting a new game seens to solve the problem, although I would lose the save. Maybe the save is corrupted?

I made a backup of the save files:

Thank you for your time

Does changing the resolution to Big UI and back again help?

Alternately, what about saving and qutting, then loading the save?

This sort of looks like the game glitched during a resolution change, and all of the items were offset by double their normal position (Big vs. Small UI doubles item sizes).

Theoretically, either the resolution change or a save/load will reset item positions so you can access them again, if my hunch is correct.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

I tried fiddling a bit. Changing the resolutions didn't seen to help. Changing, saving and loading also didn't work.
Today i could interact again with the itens after clicking in the button to "sort" the bag. They went back inside and now only the Gelli Bear near my shoe is floating (there is no sort button for the pants).
The map, however, is strange.
I'm pretty sure there are no lootable hexes near DMC, and the Canteen is gone.

Ah, my mistake. This is starting to sound more like the "soft crash" bug. Basically, something silently breaks during the game, and the game starts to exhibit weird behavior as a result. Eventually, it creeps into more and more stuff until the save file is no longer really usable.

I've been trying to find a reliable way to reproduce this bug for a long time, so I could see what causes it. But so far haven't found any steps to force it to happen. It seems to happen randomly, especially in longer/older save files. And unfortunately, once it happens, there's no way to repair the save, or see what caused it.

Do you recall doing anything specific when the first symptoms started? Has this happened to you before in another game? Maybe there was something you did in both games that triggered the bug?

The save file is probably corrupted at this point, judging by the symptoms, so you'll probably have to start a new game.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Sadly I dont think I can provide much more details.
I was around Zomzom`s after looting around and heading back to DMC. Everything was fine here. As I was low on food I headed straight towards DMC while quickly passing the turns. Before halfway throught I noticed that the path towards DMC (as shown in the map screen) was partially in fog, like never explored. The path before was like a beeline towards DMC and It was like a portion of the map went back into fog .
So I believe it bugged at some point while I was travelling. I dont remember if I did alt-tab or anything specific that could have triggered it. It never happened before in any of my games (right now I have 34 hours of NS).
As a sidenote, I just would like to thank you for making this unique game. Im certainly waiting for Ostranauts. The concept you presented for Ostranauts is something I have been looking to play for a long time.

Thanks for the details. This sounds vaguely like the other reports I've heard. Something happens causing fog of war to reset, locations to disappear, items too.

The cause is a bit harder to pinpoint. Some say they're crafting fresh water or tannin tea repeatedly, others moving, like you. Whenever I've tried to stress-test the game by doing stuff rapidly, or playing as long as possible, I could never trigger it reliably enough to catch it in the debugger.

If someone ever finds a way to make it happen reliably, I swear I'll owe them a bottle of whiskey :)

Thanks again, and also, thanks for the encouragement on Ostranauts!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games