bug ? or down load problem ? not sure.

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bug ? or down load problem ? not sure.

so just wanted to say right of bat that this game is just beautiful. I've been playing since it 2014 0r 15, back in the day of the magic sniper ( pesky B******D) lol.
and Ive never had a problem or bug etc... until well now..

in the past i had steam account i was playing this on but due to losing my pc , etc (drama ) i had to get a new count and a new copy.

so to bring it to the point, i keep receiving this error.

Loading mod data file...file:///C|/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/NEO Scavenger/neogame.xml
Error #2032

I've tried to make a copy of my files to work on ( for moding and testing mods ) and i ran in the same problem as before but it was due in part of a mod or well I thought.

so ive uninstalled and re installed etc about 5 or so times and i haven't loaded any mods or changed any base data etc.

so I'm running the newest 1.15 ? i think and I down loaded from steam.
Im running a 32-bit system windows 7.

any help would be great, i know I'm not getting a reply anytime soon ( so no rush on my end ) but anyways thank you for the time

*Bust out a window*
* starts running*
( butt naked from a wolfman)

Hey Pardee,

Glad to hear you're still enjoying the game! Or trying to, anyway :)

That #2032 error might not be a big deal, as the game will normally spit a few of those out during normal loading.

#2032 just means "file not found," and in the case of neogame.xml, that's expected. The old game used neogame.xml, so this is just there for old mod compatibility. The latest version actually loads separate .xml files for each data type (e.g. encounters.xml), but simply tries to load the omnibus neogame.xml first before doing so.

However, if the game isn't loading, there still might be an issue. Was the #2032 the last message in the log? Or was anything after that?

One thing that often works in cases like these is to manually delete the game directory (back-up any files you want to keep first), and then reinstall. Sometimes Steam's built-in tools for reinstalling don't work with NEO Scavenger.

Based on your post, it seems like you'll want to shut down Steam, delete C:/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/common/NEO Scavenger/ using Windows Explorer, then restart Steam, and install NEO Scavenger again.

Let me know if that helps!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games