Bug? Minor shipwide decompression when floor removed

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Bug? Minor shipwide decompression when floor removed

Removing the floor in an already decompressed room seems to cause a slight shipwide decompression, even in sealed rooms. This effect was most easily noticed in rooms that were not connected to life support (unconnected rooms in purple in attached image) due to the cumulative loss of pressure. I suspect this is a bug, because a reasonable explanation of this effect didn't readily come to mind.

Screenshots. All rooms started at approximately the same pressures and temperatures before removing and replacing the floor in the central ring room.

Edit: temperatures and pressures remained steady in "green and purple" rooms while floor was missing. Shipwide pressure only changed when floor was added or removed.

Thanks for reporting!

The life support thing you mentioned is a good spot!
If it is a bug, it's likely that the game is confusing the different rooms of the ship somehow. It might end up being useful for us to check out your save file! If you could zip that up and send us a link that'd be helpful.

Otherwise I'm not sure of the exact cause yet, but we'll keep investigating and hopefully figure it out and get back to you!

Here's a link to the save.