[BUG] Massive O2 Storage in Space Suit, and other things

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[BUG] Massive O2 Storage in Space Suit, and other things

Hey There,

I recently got the game and I am enjoying it so far.

After installing a Turbo Air Pump, putting it on Tubro and turning it on, I had over 400 kpa of O2 inside my Ship.
After removing the Helmet, I had that Amount inside my Suit and was able to work for ever in "Space".

Just thought I would let you know.

Another inconvience i stumbled upon, is that Crew members leave the Ship, even when they are not allowed to, if there is Floor build on the Outside of the Ship

Keep up the good work.


Haha yes, thanks for alerting us!

We've seen this pressure bug before and its something we're going to work out eventually!
At some point down the road overpressure is going to cause all sorts of problems. This'll likely be around update 0.15 when we handle fire and other internal systems.

I hadn't seen that crew navigating to floor installs bug though, so I'll make a note now, thanks!

Otherwise great to hear you're enjoying the game so far!