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Just noticed something odd. Today I had issues with the inventory where random items would be present in the black spaces outside of the gray inventory spaces. If you pick them up, you can get "stuck" with them. You can exit the inventory screen, but you will not be able to interact with anything in the game world via Right Click. You can go back into inventory and drop that item in your inventory or on the ground to fix it.

The truly odd thing that happened was once I saw a battery in the black space, so I picked it up and again was stuck. Closed and opened inventory and dropped the battery on the ground. Turns out it was the battery I had installed on my derelict about 40 squares away. This bug caused the battery to be uninstalled from it's location. The funny part (and I did have to laugh) was it was installed where I dropped it and this blocked me from my crate that had all my tools in it; I was buck nekid with no access to tools to uninstall the battery. I had a cop bearing down on my location, so I divested myself of all my gear into a crate just in case I was mugged. I did not read the patch notes for so I didn't realize that the high mug rate was fixed.

10/10, will still play this game again. Picked it up a few days ago and I honestly love it. I was so proud that I had managed to fix up this busted ship, had it aired up and warm. Had no clue how I was going to pay for fuel on this thing but I felt accomplished. This will be attempt #4 and I learn a good bit more with each playthrough.

PS - LOVE the ATC chatter in the main menu. Any plans on adding that into the main game? I would love a toggle switch that lets me listen in on intersystem radio traffic.