Broken save / ghost shuttle pod

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Broken save / ghost shuttle pod

Hey all,

So I finally found a wreck that I could seal up, and make space worthy. After accomplishing this I stripped the shuttle pod of all its gear and undocked. Despite this, however, my salvage pod remained fixed from my new ship at a distance of 600m directly to the 'north' or up of the nav screen. No matter how I maneuvered, there it was. 600m away on the dot, always in a fixed position. I saved the game and attempted to reload the save. However this appears to have broken my save, and I am unable to load. Did I do something wrong in transferring to the new vessel? Is there some key step that if not done could have broken the game in this way? Is there are a way to repair the save? I've invested a lot of hours into this playthrough, and would really hate to have to start over due to a glitch. I certainly don't want to restart until I understand how to avoid this problem...

Run into that weird glitch too, and to make matters worse, it keeps smacking into the new vessel. It caused a lot of problems when I docked at the station- ripped a hole in my ship when I was docked.

Ah well, this is the way of early access. Shouldn't expect to hold onto hours sunk into a save.

I apologize for the issues! This definitely sounds like a bug, and I've only started hearing about it recently, so it seems like a recent change.

The one player I talked to about this was able to save and reload to fix it, but that sounds like it didn't work for you.

If I can figure out how to reliably cause the bug, I should be able to fix it. So if anyone has clues how to force it to happen, let me know!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games