Boarders and Tired status issue.

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Boarders and Tired status issue.

I have had 3 NPCs from OKLG board my ship through my airlock and then they can't get out. I ask them to leave my ship and they say they will but I don't think they can? I removed objects out of their way to give them a clear path. I opened all the intervening doors and airlocks... they won't leave? Anyone else having this issue?

Also for some reason three of the NPCs on OKLG either fell asleep on the floor or are dead? Don't know how it happened... generally not a big deal, but one of them was the black market contact that I was selling/buying things from. :(

Also I now have the "tired" status effect and can't seem to get rid of it by sleeping? Or maybe I haven't figured out how to sleep correctly. I just select sleep on a bed and then step time warp to X16. How long does it take in real time? Or is there a faster way to just go to sleep and wake up rested.

EDIT: Additional info discovered. So I think they are coming onto my ship to steal my EVA suits and helmets. The reason I think this. I had an EVA Suit and Helmet I put in a cargo box near my airlock. Later after loading the game I realized it was gone. Though I did have an NPC come on board and sit on one of the cargo boxes near the EVA suit. He wouldn't leave my ship. Later I bought two more EVA suits and stored them. I then had two different NPCS walk and beeline to those cargo containers. The EVA suits were gone again! They are also stuck on my ship now. I noticed that two of these NPCs looked like they were wearing EVA helmets (but not the suits). Anyway this may help track down the random boarders on your ship issue.

I have had similar issues with NPCs rushing the ship and picking up EVA gear. I manage to stop one (a persistent pirate type) by interacting with them before they boarded and spamming the spacer superstition subject until they go offended and backed off.

It all started when I bought back a salvaged ship and opened both airlocks and all interior doors to fill my ship with atmosphere. The NPCs made a beeline to the EVA gear and food.

NPC boarding seems to be fixed since 7.0.11 they still try and path onto the ship but are blocked by something. Red feet icon where they want to go.

I had another interesting boarding problem, a Police NPC boarded my ship in space, I undocked from their ship and flew back to OKLG. They got off my ship when I arrived there. The next time I came back they kept boarding my ship and using the bed, no big issue there. The next time I came back to OKLG they made a beeline to me and hovered around me, 'using the nav console'. I couldn't trade as anyh interaction with the trade desk got cancelled within 1-2 seconds.
I think I broke them by taking them away from their ship. I have managed to make them sit at the trade desk, using the nav console, by editing the save game file. They're still broken, but not preventing me from trading :) I have a picture of them bugged but don't think I can upload it here.

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Thanks for alerting us! The EVA stealing is something we're looking into at the moment.
We know the mechanic that is activating to make it happen, right now what we're trying to do is fix behaviours and underlying things that trigger the behaviours!