Blake81's Ongoing Bugs Report

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Blake81's Ongoing Bugs Report

So, since I am playtesting things a lot, and messing around with Mods and the Ship Editor, I thought I should compile a standalone list of all the bugs/issues I've encountered for keeping easier track of all them (rather than separate threads), their alleged causes, workarounds, gravity and status with every new patch that rolls around, all in comfy bullet-pointed format.

Also, I encourage anyone who may know possible workarounds or bugs I may be missing to post them here so I can try replicating and see if they work.

Will also test each of these bugs whenever a new patch comes out.

Minor Bugs/Issues:
These are annoying, but not game-breaking/save-ruining, or have an easy workaround.

1-Thin Air in Starter Tut Pod
Status: Present as of

First Encountered in:
Severity: Low-Mid
Description: The starter ship, the default SalavagePodTut is missing its N2 and respective Air Pump, which can cause Hypoxia if the player stays on it for too long.

Workaround: Just grab yourself a pump and N2 canister from any wreck you hit and install it on the pod. Should be available on most.

2-EVA Suit battery drains even when stored
Status: Present as of

First Encountered in:
Severity: Low
Description: When you purchase your expensive EVA suit, its battery starts going down the moment you place it in your inventory, even if you're not wearing it. Also, EVA suits found in wrecks usually have empty or mostly empty batteries, depending on how long did it take you to find it.

Workaround: Taking out the suit's battery upon purchase is the easiest fix. Another workaround (Thanks Glowreef) is to simply use it without the battery, and only put the battery in when you want to read the stats.

3-Installing an O2 Canister will install your EVA O2 Tanks instead
Status: Present as of

First Encountered in:
Severity: Mid
Description: If you have both an O2 Canister (air pump) and an EVA O2 Tank on your inventory, using the "Install O2 Canister" option in the Build menu will prioritize the EVA O2 Tank instead of the O2 Canister, transforming it into an almost-empty O2 Canister. Even worse, if you don't have ANY O2 tanks in your inventory and try installing an O2 Canister while wearing your EVA suit, IT WILL INSTALL THE ONE YOU ARE BREATHING FROM, which can be quite a pain in the butt.

Workaround: Stash any EVA O2 tanks in a box before installing the O2 Canister and make sure you pick up the O2 Canister you wanna install. Also, you can install it from the inventory by selecting the O2 tank.

4-Sleep/Free mode AI can't get to Bed or Toilet
Status: Present as of

First Encountered in:
Severity: Low
Description: When in Sleep/Free mode (Crew Shift) your character can't access a bed or toilet. It'll just say "Can't get to Bed/Toilet" and pick a different action.

Workaround: Manually select the sleep option in the bed.

5-Reactor He3/D2O displays won't update after station refill
Status: Present as of

First Encountered in:
Severity: Low
Description: The He3 and D2O displays in the Reactor Panel will not update after refueling in OKLG. And the reactor will stop working if these screens reach zero, even if the tank is full.

Workaround: Turn the Reactor OFF then ON; that makes the displays update. Also, you can check the He3/D2O levels in the "Print Status" option of the Nav-Console.

6-Airlock has Void spaces
Status: Present as of

First Encountered in:
Severity: Low-Mid
Description: When docked, even if both ships are fully pressurized, both sides of the Airlock will still count as "exterior", and make your character asphyxiate if he stands on them.

Don't stand there.

Workaround: Avoid standing on those spaces if you're not in a sealed EVA/Pathfinder suit.

Major Bugs/Issues:
The biggest troublemakers; the ones without an effective workaround or that force you to restart all over.

(None as of YAY!)

Toilet bug: All toilets appear to be placed back-to-front by default. Either that, or the graphic is the wrong way around. You can fix this by uninstalling the toilet and installing it in the opposite direction, which will cause characters using the toilet to exit it from the front rather than into the wall it's placed against.

"Sentient AI" bug: I don't think this is a bug. As far as I can tell, your character will perform idle actions to take care of their needs and so on whenever they aren't rostered for work or sleep. By default, the game starts at the beginning of your captain's rostered work shift, so in regular play you might think they're initially under your control and then randomly start doing their own thing once their work shift is over, but if you immediately unroster them from work at the start of a game, you'll notice the same behaviour.

Toilet Bug: That does make sense; maybe they got the entrance and exit of the item in the wrong place? Will add it to my notes.

Sentient AI Bug: Interesting.... so if I went to the crew options and made the character's whole shift "Free", it would trigger? I'll test that out; maybe it's less of something broken and more of a badly-explained feature.

UPDATE: Holey shit, dude. You were RIGHT ON THE MONEY. If you go to Crew Options and set all squares to Free (Back), the character starts acting JUST LIKE WITH THE SENTIENT AI BUG, and doesn't effing stop. That is, until I set all squares to WORK (Orange) and then it goes back to normal.

UPDATE 2: Just found out that the Toilets on the OKLG station don't have this problem. And guess what? They're placed BACKWARDS than the ship ones. Meaning, all Ship toilets have been placed backwards by mistake (which doesn't surprise me, as the Edelweiss's Thrusters are backwards as well), so I think we can strike this one off the list as another case of Backwards Shit.

4-"Course Correction"

I don't think this one is a bug either. Crew who are assigned as off duty will assume a variety of tasks, including Course Correction / Nav Check. If you set your character to Work or Sleep for the entire 24h period, issue goes away.

Also solves the various other random character actions - stopping mid-job to write home, check social media, etc.

Most of these actions come as a surprise because the in game clock does not start in an "off duty" period. You get several in game hours of normal obedient work, then it seems as if the AI suddenly goes nuts! Not really the case, you've just encountered your first off duty period.


6-EVA Suit battery drains even when stored

Another workaround for this one is to use the EVA suit without a battery. It acts just like a pressure suit, with CO2 build up over time. With a pressure suit, you have to run back to your safe area (pod) to de-helm and release the CO2. With the EVA suit, just pop in the battery for 5s - clears the CO2, then remove and keep working.


4-"Course Correction"
Could be. Will test out that theory. Although, now that I think of it, haven't seen that bug again since I'm setting my character to only WORK on the Crew option. Will test that as well.

UPDATE: Just saw it happen. My character had WORK on all its Crew settings, so it may not be this.

6-Yeah, that's a good workaround. Will add it.

In the latest patch the "Q" and "E" hotkeys do not rotate the camera. Also the "R" key does not rotate items in inventory. the "R" key does appear to rotate for builds.

If mind serves, they made the Q and E hotkeys to be debug-only on 6.2.0
"Changed camera rotation controls to be debug commands."
And as far as I know, there's no way of rotating items in the Inventory. May have to ask Devs to clarify.

Updated First post as of version (Which is the most Stable one so far IMHO). Still testing a few of them, and some have not been encountered/may have been fixed.

I think a number of these are finally addressed in, but we are definitely still seeing the NaN/mad numbers one, and I have bugs logged for placeholders getting abandoned/lost.

Thanks again!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Yeah, 2.2 and 2.3 have been some of the most stable patches so far.

As of right now, the Mad Numbers/NaN bug remains the biggest troublemaker, but besides it, there's also the Broken/Unpowered NavConsole one, which, while not game-breaking, can still cause some moments of frustration.

I think we've finally turned the corner on NaN/Mad Numbers, and nav console. So hopefully smoother now!

Still working on something for that placeholder interruption bug, though.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Thanks for the updated bug list, Blake81! I missed a couple of these, and added them to my list.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Not sure if I should add here or make a new thread, but a central place for an ongoing bug report seemed right...

* So, as of update, (10/30) I have found that I am unable to uninstall gas Cannisters (O2/N).

This is so in both of my saved games, but I have not tried a new game yet. Upon selecting the tank from the radial menu, it shows no options for the tank.

@Celestian, that sounds new to me! Though, it could be caused by a condition on either you or the canisters that doesn't match uninstall requirements.

Does your character happen to have the "unconscious" status in the inventory screen? That's a bug I've been hearing about lately, and might cause a symptom like this.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Just double checked: No, not unconscious. Though to be honest, on this character i did get stuck being "unconscious" while moving around, but i have already gone into the save file to remove that. Character status seems normal right now, minus nausea. The other character, however, has not had that issue and they cannot uninstall tanks either.
After a quick test, O2/N Cannisters (in the CR-43 atmo room and under the RCS Hyrda doodad) are the only things affected that I cannot uninstall. All other items seem to be fine(can be uninstalled).

Very strange! Are you able to zip and share one of your save files online somewhere for me to download? Maybe if I look at it in the debugger, I can see why.

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games

Update: The cannisters that refuse to be uninstalled are limited to two ships. One i am using and another that I had repaired and was docked to. I've docked with another ship and i have no problem pulling the tanks.

Thanks for sharing the save! I was able to find the problem. It looks like those canisters predate a patch where I changed canisters to have a property called:


which was added to solve cases where the game was confusing various airtight containers with each other. And since your ship was saved before that patch, those items are missing that new property.

Any new ship that is loaded for the first time will be fine, but any ship you previously visited will have stuck canisters.

One workaround would be to manually add that above IsRTA line to any canister on your ship in the save file. Or else edit the broken canisters out of the ships you want.

Hope this helps, and thanks again for the heads-up!

Dan Fedor - Founder, Blue Bottle Games