Black Bull Kape


Black Bull Kape is a Filipino brand of coffee, a regional variety known as ‘kapeng barako’. Its popularity spread across the System in tandem with Filipino fast food. Off world, Barako blend coffees compete with Robusta blends, while Arabica is less common due to its fragility. Barako is known for its strong taste and pungent aroma.

  • Product: Coffee
  • Manufacturer: Black Bull Kape Incorporated
  • Country of origin: Philippines
  • Ticker symbol: BLKB


Space colonisation allowed Black Bull Kape to expand beyond its local operations. The Philippines’ history of migrant workers meant the nation was well prepared to adapt to off world labor conditions. An early influx of Filipinos in off world labor markets meant Filipino cuisine became the norm on many stations, and the fast food market adopted this trend elsewhere. Black Bull Kape was able to translate its early success providing coffee for these companies into opening its own coffee chain.


Black Bull Kape’s logo is an anthropomorphic, muscular black bull. The word barako has several meanings in Filipino, denoting stud animals and manliness, which the brand name plays upon.

Black Bull Kape’s marketing strategy is widely considered anticompetitive. In addition to pursuing market saturation with its chain stores, Black Bull solicits franchisors in markets it is unable to penetrate. Its relationship with franchisees is often tenuous, leading to a lack of standards and variation in quality. Black Bull’s official position is that it offers freedom for franchisees to cater to local customs.


Coffee with a kick.
When you’re seeing red, drink black.
Get charged by the bull.
Homestyle kape.
Grab ang mga toro sa pamamagitan ng mga sungay!