Bismertnaya is a brand of wheat vodka. The brand was created by the Soyuzneft oil company when it began supplying the Russian Armed Forces in 2024.

  • Product: Vodka
  • Manufacturer: Soyuzneft (‘United Oil’)
  • Country of origin: Old Russian Federation
  • Produced in: Old Russia, Sobolev Base
  • Ticker symbol: SOYN


The continued downsizing of the Russian Armed Forces throughout the 2020s caused uncertainty as many corporate partners lost business or moved on. After its success in accessing Russia’s shale oil deposits, Soyuzneft grew to fill these vacancies, primarily by designing and supplying the fuel for Russia’s Mobile Soldier Program (Programma Peredvishni Soldatov / Программа передвижных солдатов). It also bargained for other concessions, such as the exclusive right to supply liquor in state facilities such as army bases. Outside Russia it was dismissively nicknamed ‘Red Label’ because of its association with Russian enlisted personnel.

In the colonisation rush Soyuzneft and Bismertnaya followed the Russian Space Force to its first colony, the Sobolev Mine on 16 Psyche in the Belt. Though mining at Sobolev has slowed in the face of larger and cheaper operations around Jupiter, Bismertnaya’s brand and product spread across the Belt, and today the distillery at Sobolev is an industry almost as large as the mine it was intended to support.


будь героем! (bud' geroyem! / be a hero!)
Ваше здоровье! (vasha zdarovya! / To your health!)